Reprieve Muscle Therapy 

​&Birth Services

Licensed Massage Therapist and Certified Birth Coach


Reprieve Muscle Therapy began in 2011 when I had a plan to make a change in peoples lives. Massage is about relaxation, but it is also about helping people. 

My goal during each appointment is to help the client to be able to better themselves. We work with physical adjustments, and find the causes of the physical discomforts.. This way you, the client can have something to take home, to work with and better yourself each day. 

Labor and Birthing (Doula) Services and Post Natal Doula Services were added in 2017. Assisting the mothers prenatally, during birth, and post delivery is an important aspect of my work that many women don't realize is a huge benefit to the birthing experience and their well being. 

Massage Rates

$55.00/ 60 minute




Deep Tissue/Trigger Point


Hot Stone

Gua sha


Raindrop Therapy

On Site chair


**spa treatments

Labor and Delivery Services

Doula Services include:

~Labor and Delivery (on demand) Services

~Post Partum Doula Care

~Breastfeeding Support

~Mother Honoring Services

~Belly Binding

**Packages are Personalized per mother!

Please message or call for full inquiry

**Pricing starting at $125